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The Unconference will be Friday, June 25, 2010 from 9am-Noon. The event will take place in 207A at the Washington Convention Center. This is now a half day event so if you are now able to join us, please sign up.

While you are not required to speak in front of the group, be on a debate team, or facilitate a small group, your participation in discussions and open ears for listening are essential. Everyone has good ideas to share!

Unconference Registration

Registration is open.

Registration for this half-day Unconference is free and will be taken on a first-come-first-served basis. Once the 100 slots are filled, we will open up a waiting list for additional people to register. When you register for this event, you must provide your name, affiliation, email address, and a topic for group Pecha Kucha presentations. Your proposed topic should be articulated in a short single sentence, but make sure it's something that others will understand since they will be voting based on your description.

If you register and then find that you can't make it, please remove yourself from the registration list ASAP so we can give your space to the next person on the waiting list. It would also be helpful to email either Sean Robinson (srobinson at acpl dot info) or Michelle Boule (mboule at gmail dot com) and give us a head's up that you've un-registered.

To register, you will need to enter your name, affiliation, email address, topic suggestion and whether you want to facilitate a discussion on the topic or present on it (you must choose either "discuss" or "present"). Here are some examples:

  1. Michelle Boule - Freelance Writer, Consultant and Trainer - mboule(at)gmail(dot)com - group learning environments, the power of the crowd, being the change you want to see (any).
  2. Sean Robinson – Manager of Bibliographic and Information Technology Service at the Allen County Public Library srobinson(at)acpl(dot)info – How to streamline everything at your library and make every second count (discuss).
  3. Catherine Scullion - Volunteer Assistant - Catalog Librarian @ Appleton Public Library - cscullion(at)apl(dot)org
  4. Haruko Yamauchi - Volunteer Assistant - LIS student @ CUNY Queens College - gahaya(at)gmail(dot)com
  5. John Jackson - Volunteer Assistant - LIS student @ San Jose State - johnxlibris(at)gmail(dot)com
  6. Andromeda Yelton - Volunteer Assistant

Enter your name and info on the first available line that hasn't been filled in by someone else (just replace the info there with your own). You'll need to register on the wiki first in order to be able to edit this page. Click here if you need help editing the wiki.

Fabulous People Participating in #unala10

  1. Samantha Hines - Distance Ed Coordinator and Social Science Librarian, University of Montana - samantha.hines@umontana.edu - productivity and motivation, decision making processes, online reference services (any).
  2. Bohyun Kim - Digital Access Librarian, Florida International University Medical Library - bohyun.kim@fiu.edu - Communicating with parties with different interests: why it is so crucial and difficult at the same time; Joomla (& other open source CMS) *Likely to be attending in the afternoon only (sadly)*
  3. Jenny Reiswig - Asst Dept Head, Digital Svcs and Technology Planning, Univ of California San Diego Biomedical Library. jreiswig@ucsd.edu - scholarly communication, not just publishing.
  4. Linda Ballinger - Principal Cataloging Librarian, Newberry Library, Chicago - ballingerl@newberry.org - using social software for technical services training (discuss)
  5. Laura Koltutsky - Social Sciences Liaison Librarian, University of Calgary, Canada - ljkoltut@ucalgary.ca - online learning processes, supporting distance education programs, best practices (discuss)
  6. Andrew Shuping - Learning Commons/Emerging Technologies/ILL, Jack Tarver Library Macon, GA. ashuping AT gmail.com -- Interlibrary Loan, free software, failure is good.
  7. Erin Dorney – Outreach Librarian at Millersville University Library erin(dot)dorney(at)Millersville(dot)edu – new librarians, academic librarianship/tenure track, blogging, social media for personal branding, library issues relating to gender and culture (discuss)
  8. Rachel Vacek - Head of Web Services at the University of Houston Libraries - social media, gaming, open source technologies, Drupal (discuss, maybe present)
  9. Robin Hastings - Info Tech Coordinator - Drupal, Google Apps or Twitter/FriendFeed Best practices - discuss
  10. Chad Haefele - Reference Librarian for Emerging Technologies, UNC - Mobile web stuff (discuss or present), official library twitter accounts (discuss), location-aware library collections (discuss)
  11. Amber Prentiss - Reference/Instruction Librarian, University of Georgia - open educational resources - how might libraries get involved? (present)
  12. Danielle Whren Johnson - Digital Access Librarian, Loyola/Notre Dame Library, Baltimore, MD, dwhren@loyola.edu- Digital media (audio, video, images, graphic design) production and editing in libraries (discuss or present)
  13. Bart Schmidt - Digital Projects Librarian, Drake University - bart.schmidt@drake.edu - digital collections (discuss)
  14. Lisa Craig-Young - Reference/Instruction Librarian, Coastal Bend College (TX) - l.craigyoung@gmail.com - open education, technology, digital rights & access in rural/semi-rural learning environments (discuss)
  15. Gabe Gossett, Librarian for Extended Education, Western Washington University, gabe.gossett@wwu.edu, Connecting students to the library through mentors (discuss or present); Librarian virtual office hours for distance education (discuss or present); Engaging with American Indian knowledge institutions (discuss). I will probably have to leave around 3:30.
  16. Allie Flanary- Web, Outreach, & UX Librarian, Portland Community College - aflanary@gmail.com - UX for libraries (discuss)- leaving at 1pm
  17. Amelia Brunskill- Liaison Librarian for the Sciences, Dickinson College - brunskia@dickinson.edu - alternatives to journal subscriptions(discuss or present); office hours in academic buildings (discuss or present)- may need to leave at 1:00
  18. Kristin LaLonde - Library Assistant - Arab American National Museum/ Public Library Associate - Ann Arbor District Library/ Peer Information Counselor - Wayne State University/ MLIS Student - Wayne State University - klalonde AT wayne.edu - Digitization projects for Libraries (discuss); Role of Museum Libraries (present/ discuss); Serving diverse populations (discuss) - Will be attending Unconference after Noon due to travel schedule.
  19. Erin White - Web Applications Developer, VCU Libraries - attending afternoon sessions only. Interested in discussing UX, mobile services, web services on a shoestring, code++
  20. Shirley Biladeau - Continuing Education Consultant - Idaho Commission for Libraries - libraries as learning organizations; service trends (discuss) - will be there only in the morning.
  21. Lorena O'English - Social Sciences Librarian - Washington State University - mobile services, training. May be late.
  22. Kris Feller - MS/HS Librarian - Korea International School - 3fellers(at)gmail(dot)com - creating collaborative relationships with teachers (discuss).
  23. Sarah Searles - HS Librarian - [West High School, Knoxville, TN] - sarah dot culp dot searles at gmail dot com - library instruction curriculum k-20; collaboration between school, public, academic libraries (discuss)
  24. Nancy Foasberg - Humanities Librarian and Web Coordinator - Queens College, CUNY - introducing new technologies to libraries without a strong culture of innovation (discuss). Will probably not arrive until a little after 10.
  25. Tom Taylor- Continuing Education Coordinator, South Central Kansas Library System - tom (at) sckls (dot) info - training librarians, service trands (discuss).
  26. Shelley Orr- Digitization and Collection Development Librarian, Johnson C. Smith University - bacaorr (at) gmail.com - information seeking behaviors, marketing, mobile libraries, digitization.
  27. Amberdcarter-Access Services Librarian, William T. Cozby Public Library (Coppell, TX) acarter (at) coppelltx (dot) gov -best practices for serving a diverse patron population, ways to motivate paraprofessional staff when undergoing changes in libraries-discuss
  28. Tanya Cothran - Recent MLIS graduate, St Catherine University, St Paul, MN; nonprofit professional - tanyat (at) calcentral.com - new librarians, alternative career paths for librarians, usability testing for library websites (discuss)
  29. Somaly Kim Wu - Business and Web Services Librarian, UNC Charlotte - my gmail is skimwu - Drupal, technology, usability.
  30. Gayatri Singh - Reference & Information Services Coordinator, Social Sciences & Humanities Library, UC San Diego. gasingh@ucsd.edu - virtual reference, mobile services (discuss)
  31. Kathy Sanders - Children's Librarian - Charleston County Public Library [1]
  32. Mirna - New MLIS Student, Simmons GSLIS - mirna.turcios(at)gmail(dot)com - new student experience, internships, working with diverse student populations, involving the community (discuss).
  33. Sue Wortman - Social Work Librarian, University of Michigan, swortman (at) umich (dot) edu. scholarly communication, open access, teaching critical thinking skills in academic library instruction
  34. Julian Clark - IT System Support Administrator, Howard County Library, Columbia, MD - julian.clark.2 (at) gmail - public access computing, libraries as community technology centers, cloud/virtualization, open source solutions (discuss)
  35. Joanna Gadsby - Reference and Instruction Librarian, University of Maryland, Baltimore County, Baltimore, MD - gadsby@umbc.edu - online instruction, ideas for interactive instruction (both discuss)
  36. Jonathan Smith - Electronic Services Librarian, The Catholic University of America - open source software, next gen discovery interfaces / ILS, emerging tech, using social software to provide services (all discuss)
  37. Peter Coyl- Librarian (soon to be) at Hsinchu International School , peter(dot)coyl (at) netrepid(dot)com / New Librarians, young adults and children, International Librarianship, new technologies for learning, intellectual property rights issues.
  38. Shana Gass - Reference Librarian, Liaison to College of Business & Economics, Towson University, Towson, MD - sgass (at) towson (dot) edu - critical thinking in library instruction (discuss or present), marketing library resources, faculty outreach (discuss)
  39. Sarah Russo- Teen Services Librarian, Howard County Library, Elkridge, MD 143books (at) gmail - services to young adults, relationships between schools, libraries, and continuing education (discuss), probably late!